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Viso is the easy-to-use solution for creating video and audio recordings in order to capture behaviors and interactions of your participants, and to educate, train, and improve skills of students and professionals.

Discover the convenience Viso provides!

  • Flexible, modular, and highly scalable solution
  • Any number of rooms and any number of users
  • Event marking and immediate playback of recorded sessions

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Record and play back

With Viso®, you can make independent recordings in multiple rooms at once, with multiple high-end cameras which allow you to view your participants from different angles and get a good view of your participants and their surroundings. Viso provides the video material needed to gain insights into processes, human performance, and communication.


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Audio and video system Viso

This animation will zoom in into a facility with Viso at its core. Check it out to learn more about how Viso works. 

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How Viso saves time

  • Easy to use because of a clean interface for an efficient workflow
  • Record and play back simultaneously, no downtime in between sessions
  • Immediate video feedback
  • Scalable system: record multiple videos in an unlimited number of rooms
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Customer quote

"Our lab and our clinical spaces with the fabulous Noldus Technology are a lot different than a lot of other universities. We’ve had such a great experience with Noldus."

Dr. A. Ervin|Delaware Valley University, USA


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Complete and scalable AV system

Viso is the flexible, modular, and highly scalable solution for audio and video recording and playback that includes everything you need to train and educate students, examine interactions, or conduct high-quality research. Installation of software and hardware, training, and support are built in to get you started quickly!


Control recordings

viso icon control

水果视频app官网Capture your subjects’ behaviors during sessions with remotely-controlled PTZ cameras, across multiple rooms at once. Gain insights to improve performance.

Record & play back

viso icon view

Start and stop recordings across multiple rooms, independently of one another. Recorded videos are immediately available for playback from any location for debriefing.

Analyze events

viso icon analyze

水果视频app官网During recording, mark your events of interest with a simple click of a button. See at a glance all markers, subjects, and comments in the graphical timeline.

Share sessions

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水果视频app官网Collaborate on projects by inviting others to view videos. Work together to create learnings from videoed sessions using advanced, yet easy, user management tools.


Interested in Viso?

Are you interested in Viso and do you want to learn more about this easy-to-use AV software tool? You can download our free white papers and product overviews, watch customer stories and product videos on the resources webpage!

Or contact us水果视频app官网 now, we'll be happy to answer your questions about how Viso works and will benefit your work.

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