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水果视频app官网Your research is unique. So are your lab requirements. Whether you need an observation lab to observe parent-child interaction or a turn-key usability lab for user experience tests, the lab set-up is key to the success of your research.


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Noldus Labs: Integrate and synchronize all your data

When you purchase a Noldus lab, integration and synchronization of all equipment is part of our installation service. You can be sure that your hardware and software will work together, and that all your data is in sync.


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Noldus Observation Lab

Observation Lab

水果视频app官网An observation lab allows researchers to observe test participants unobtrusively, in an environment similar to test participant’s natural surroundings. We help you build the right solution for infant behavior studies, communication studies, market research, social psychology, and consumer science, for example. 

With a Noldus observation lab, comparing across sessions and quantifying data is very straightforward. Some phenomena can be difficult to study in a lab; for example, habits during a family dinner. In those cases, you can achieve the best results with live and on-site observation, using our compact portable observations labs.

水果视频app官网Do you want to learn more how to set up a lab? Download our free white paper!


Human Factors and Usability Lab

Capturing human-machine interaction can be a challenging task. Multiple forms of data can be collected, from user actions on the computer and eye movements to physiological and simulator data. Performing Human Factors and UX research requires a well-equipped lab and specialized knowledge. We can help you at every stage of your research process, from the set up of your lab to the interpretation of the results.


Consumer Experience Lab

Free white paper: How to build a consumer lab

水果视频app官网Observational research and behavioral mapping is becoming more and more popular in consumer behavior research studies.

It covers anything from unobtrusive naturalistic observations in shops or in consumer homes to advanced multimodal lab studies, and from sensory research to marketing studies. A wide range of solutions is available, from easy to set up portable labs and spatial behavior tracking tools to fully integrated observation labs.

Check out this ‘how to’ guide, providing you with the perfect tips & tricks!



Simulation Lab

Simulation is an increasingly popular training and feedback method in which real-life circumstances are simulated for learners to practice tasks and processes using models or virtual reality. Feedback from observers, peers, actor-patients, or audio/video tools helps them to improve their skills. 

水果视频app官网Together with you, Noldus designs the perfect training and simulation facility, each of which are customized according to the specific needs of the researchers.


Example Labs around the world

Customer success story Kees de Graaf

Studying eating behavior

Prof. Kees de Graaf, Wageningen University & Research

Customer success story Delaware

Counseling Psychology Program

水果视频app官网Dr. Audrey Ervin, Delaware Valley University

css liverpool screenshot immersive technology lab

Immersive Technology Lab

Dr. Atif Waraich, Liverpool John Moores University


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How to build a consumer behavior research lab?

In order to get off to a good start, it is best to describe the research or tests that are going to be performed in detail.
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